The Warehouse


The Warehouse

1st – 5th grade kids

The Sunday Morning Experience

The Warehouse is where kids learn about truth and virtues from God’s word.

A virtue is something God does IN us to change the world AROUND us.

Isn’t that cool?

We think so and that’s why each month we spend time exploring a different virtue and what God has to say about it.

To really make each virtue stick we will talk about it, tell stories about it, illustrate it, paint it, build it, seek Biblical truth about it, and create opportunities for families to participate in the story.

Sunday mornings in The Warehouse happen because of an awesome team of volunteers who love and serve kids. We will surprise kids and offer fun, creative, and memorable ways to experience the Gospel. In all that we do we will reinforce these three important core values…

I need to make the wise choice.

I can trust God no matter what.

I should treat others the way I want to be treated.

A Partnership with Parents

Parents – you are the most important influence on your child’s spiritual development!  But…we get pretty excited about seeing kids grow in their relationship with God and others so we want to help.  Here are some ways we can partner:

1:: Take a look at the Parent Cue cards that we send home each month.  This is a great way to begin conversations with your kids about the truth and virtues they are learning.

2:: Check out our Warehouse Blog for important updates and helpful resources.

3:: Spend some time in the Warehouse.  This can be just a few minutes chatting with your child’s leaders on Sunday mornings or sitting in to observe at one of our services or volunteering on a regular basis.  Parents are ALWAYS welcome in the Warehouse!

For more information or to apply to be a member of the Warehouse Team please contact Ben Getz, Family Pastor.

may in {the warehouse}

A couple of months ago we began distributing Bibles to all of the kids at New Charlotte.  Since that time we have focused our attention in the Warehouse on ‘Bible Basics’.  It has been amazing to see the kids memorizing the books of the Bible, learning how to navigate through the chapters, and watching scripture come to life.  A parent of one of our 1st graders sent me this video of her daughter reading her Bible to her little sister.  Apparently this has become a regular occurrence in their home.  I love her heart for sharing God’s word in her own family…

 Sisters reading the Bible

This month we are back to our virtues!

 A virtue is something God does IN us to change the world AROUND us.  

This month we are looking at the ways God wants to teach us about RESPONSIBILITY.  Encourage your kids to continue to work on memorizing our memory verse – Luke 16:10.

 “Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much.” 

You can view our monthly virtue video here…

{may virtue video}

Bible Boot Camp

So you’ve got a Bible…now what?

Over the past month we’ve been doing our best to make sure that every kid in The Warehouse has a Bible to call their own.  But just giving Bibles away isn’t enough.  We want to make sure that we provide some basic Bible knowledge to go along with that big heavy book the kids are lugging around on Sunday mornings.


Through the end of April we will be taking a break from our regular virtue-based curriculum to focus entirely on the Bible – what it is, why it was written, how it can best be utilized…and just generally communicating the awesome-ness of the Word of God {seriously…it is THE word of God!}.


if you overhear your 3rd grader rapping the books of the Bible…

or your 1st grader explains what a ‘parable’ is over dinner…

or you get bombarded with questions about the Israelites or the prophets of the Old Testament on the way to school…

you’ll know where all this Bible enthusiasm is coming from {and hopefully it will be contagious!}.

Here are a few ways you can partner with us in getting your kids excited about Bible study…

1  :: Ask questions during Sunday lunch…what did you talk about today?  Did you learn anything new about the Bible?  Did your lesson raise any questions?  If so – let’s explore them together!

2 :: Set aside family Bible study time during the week {and make it fun!}.  Pop some popcorn, put on some good background music, find a shady spot on a blanket in your backyard…come up with any creative ways you can think of to make this time meaningful and something to look forward to.  During your study time you can use the ‘Bible Basics’ book that we gave you or you can just dive right into the Adventure Bible together…finding topics you are interested in or that may pertain to your family right now.  There are no rules…just start reading and talking…and have fun!

3 :: Share what you are learning in your own Bible reading time.  As parents we often see our own Bible study time {when we can get it!} as a time to be protected and kept sacred between only us and God.  The truth is – our kids could really benefit from hearing how we are growing through our own study of the Bible.  Modeling this behavior for your kids and being honest about your own questions and struggles can really make a big impact!

If you see positive changes in your kids {and your family} over the next month as a result of time spent in God’s Word we’d love to hear about it!  Send us a message, leave a comment, shoot a video, paint a picture…find a way to communicate the importance of the Bible to your family!




tea time!

last weekend 1st – 5th grade girls and their mommies enjoyed a tea party fit for a queen!  check out all the precious memories that were made…

{photos courtesy of april walker}