Life is full of different kinds of experiences isn’t it?  It’s full of ups and downs and twists and turns and fastballs and curveballs.  God isn’t at work creating the experiences we want–but God is at work in bad experiences creating the you that God wants (pg. 169).
On Sunday night we will take a look at Joseph.  Now here’s a guy who experienced a lot in life.  Make time this week to read Genesis 37-50–how Joseph went from his dreams to his destiny.  But in order to be the Joseph that God created him to be, he had to experience significant distress along the way.  Betrayed and kidnapped by his brothers, left for dead, sold into slavery, stripped of his family and friends, framed for a crime he didn’t commit, thrown into jail, and completely forgotten by all.  Even still, in 39:2 we read, “But the Lord was with Joseph and he prospered.”
The bottom line is this: God is in the business of bringing something very, very good out of something very, very bad.  So may we see challenges and obstacles and hard things not as problems, but as opportunities-to grow deeper with others and with God.