the greatest story ever told…

The Warehouse

the greatest story ever told…

this month we placed the most important tool we know of into the hands of all children at new charlotte…a bible.  we try to do a lot of fun and crazy things on sunday mornings in the warehouse…some flop {i’m thinking of the shaving cream drawings…what a mess!!} and others we actually pull off.  but none of it would mean a thing if it didn’t ultimately lead us back to God’s word…the greatest story ever told!

this is allie…

the week after christmas she came bopping in to church…that same giddy grin…unable to contain her excitement as she showed me her favorite gift of the season – her very own bible.  every sunday since, allie faithfully comes to church – bible in hand – ready to learn, ready to engage the adventure, ready to hear from God.  my prayer is that allie’s spirit would be the spirit of all of our children at new charlotte.

on bible celebration sunday allie and i stood together on stage to share the importance of that day with the church body…a result of our entire staff supporting this notion that equipping our kids with the ‘sword of the spirit’ {ephesians 6:17} is vital to their growth as believers and our growth as a church.

we believe that every word of the bible is truth.  if we want our kids to build their lives on this truth than we must place it in their hands so they can open it up and allow the Holy Spirit to then pour it into their hearts and minds.

as parents we play such an incredibly important role in the spiritual growth of our kids.  before you start feeling crushed under the weight of that responsibility {believe me…i’ve been there!} let me remind you that as we do our part {to the best of our ability} God is doing the biggest part of all – working on our kids from the inside out.  his grace covers all of our mistakes and his spirit intercedes where we fall short.

if you missed bible celebration sunday – don’t worry.  we still have bibles for those of you who need one.  we also have a handy dandy ‘bible basics’ booklet to get you started engaging the great adventure of God’s story…thanks for partnering with us on the journey!