Aristotle’s 3 Elements

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Aristotle’s 3 Elements

During my time this week with Pastor Alan Platt from Doxa Deo Church, we discussed the many facets of leadership.

As apart of this discussion, we talked about the importance of communication. I thought it would be helpful to briefly outline our conversation.

Aristotle taught there are 3 elements of rhetoric: ethos, pathos and logos. All three elements are always in play for both the leader and listeners.  When I communicate, as a leader or otherwise people listen through the 3 lenses. And, I am communicating, knowingly or not, through these 3 lenses as well.

With that premise in mind, we should understand well each element.

1. Ethos: Character and integrity
Can I trust this person?

2. Pathos: Emotion and feelings
Does this person truly believe what they are saying? How do I “feel” when I experience their leadership? Is there a passion and authority through experience within this leader?

3. Logos: Logic and reason
Can this leader deliver the goods? Do they know what they’re talking about? Do they have a good understanding of the facts and content?

Next time you listen to sermon or address, observe how you judge the person delivering. Most likely, it’s through Aristotle’s 3 lenses.

More importantly, as leaders make sure you are communicating and leading with all 3 elements.  Ask the questions: Is my integrity secure? Do I truly believe and feel passionate about my message? Have I done the study and work to know my content?

I was deeply challenged by this leadership reminder. Thanks Alan for embodying all 3 elements as a leader!

(Link to Alan’s message)