Our Story

Who We Are

New Charlotte is a church for the city.

Our Story

In March of 2010, a group of people gathered in the living room of Chris and Jen Payne to pray about starting a new church in Charlotte. The discussion and prayer began with the reading of Ephesians 3:14-21, and out of that reading came the two-word mantra “Only God.” We began to pray and believe for things that “Only God” could do in our lives and in the life of our city. We desired to see a new work begin through us to accomplish this prayer. The meeting concluded with our group committing to continue gathering and praying about the next steps of starting a church, but actually the church had already begun that evening.

Over the next two months we met several times together at the Payne’s home. We eventually outgrew the Payne home and needed a new space to meet. Someone in our Launch Team, the name our group took on, offered their neighborhood clubhouse as a new meeting place. Then, after two months of meeting in the clubhouse, we moved to an unused warehouse space on Monroe Road. We continued to gather on Sunday evenings throughout the summer of 2010, praying and casting vision for a church of Faith, Hope, and Love. During the summer we grew to over 300 people coming to these gatherings. On September 12th, 2010 New Charlotte had its first Sunday morning worship services… 600+ people showed up.

Over and over again God has done what only He can do in the life of our church. And, we want to continue to believe God for what He can do in and through our lives in the years to come. We believe that God desires to use the local church to change the world, city-by-city, person-by-person. We believe we are a small part of a big kingdom, called and appointed by God to accomplish His mission… to fill all people with the Faith, Hope and Love of Jesus Christ. Only God!