Advent Season is Here!

November 25, 2014 | Chris Payne

Advent is a special time each year when we prepare ourselves for the “Arrival” of Christ.
I want to encourage you to participate with us in our Advent devotionals at New Charlotte this season.
Advent is over the next 4 Sundays, and Christmas morning,

1. Read the Advent Devotional and Scripture (listed below)
2. Share with Family and Friends what this means to you this year. 
3. Light a candle to symbolize what Christ has brought into your life.
4. Say a prayer for Christ to be present with you and others this Advent season. 

Families, this doesn’t need to be perfect! Just set aside some time each week and let God show up.
For those of you without families in town, grab your community group or a group of friends/neighbors and share this with them.

I pray that God uses this time to make Himself known and present to you this Advent season.
I’m praying for each of you during this special time.