Be: United | Week 1

October 21, 2015 | Chris Payne

For the past several months, I have been studying, thinking and praying through the book of Ephesians – preparing for our current teaching series. In this brief letter from Paul to the church at Ephesus, we find an enormous amount of practical theology that applies to today just as pointedly as it did 2000 years ago.

People were largely divided. By status, education and political parties. If it sounds familiar, it should. This letter was written for people like you. It is about us. Paul’s theme throughout Ephesians is that we can be united to God and united to one another.

Last Sunday, I taught from Ephesians 1:3-14, and I encourage you to reread the chapter and listen to the message again. I want to leave you with some encouragement from the sermon on Sunday.

What if those of you who do not know Christ:
• could know He is already looking for you
• could know He has a plan to save you
• could simply say, “I need help. I’m lost. Save me, Jesus.”

What if those of you who are In Christ:
• could feel again and again how much God loves you
• could remember what it was like to feel lost and then found
• knew the blessings you now have in Jesus

In Jesus Christ, you are:



In Christ, you are... #ephesians1 #beunited

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