How to Grow Your Faith

January 14, 2014 | Chris Payne

On Sunday, I preached the first of six sermons on How We Can Grow Our Faith this year.

Each week, I’ll post the 10 statements or soundbites that summarized the sermon.
You can also go here to listen to the full message each week , or share it with others.

Week 1 – A Big Faith  (John 4:46-54) 

  1. Who we put our Faith in is very important.
  2. Biblical Faith is best defined as: Trust or Confidence.
  3. The Greek word for faith (Pisteuo) is found 243x in the New Testament.
  4. Desperation creates the space for Faith to Grow.
  5. Our comfort allows us to see Jesus for who we want Him to be; Our desperation sees Him for who He really is.
  6. Two Questions we all ask: 1. What will Jesus do about my great problem?  2. Is is true?
  7. Jesus answers these with: 1. The Cross  2. The Resurrection
  8. Your Faith today is your Miracle tomorrow.
  9. “He Himself Believed.”  – John 4:53b
  10. Big Faith comes from Believing in a Big God!

I pray God grows your Faith this year at New Charlotte!

Blessings.  Chris