Orange Day

June 03, 2014 | Chris Payne

This past weekend at New Charlotte we celebrated Orange Day.

For us, Orange Day was a chance to talk about our philosophy of Family Ministry at New Charlotte.
We believe that two combined influences are more powerful than two individual influences.
Combined synergy is more powerful than Individual energy.
Here’s the Orange Equation:
The Love of the Family (RED) + The Light of the Church (YELLOW) = ORANGE 
Our role as families and the church is not to impress our kids.
Our role, as combined influences, is to work together to impress upon our kids the great story of God.
To give our kids a “front row” seat to the will of God in His world.
As Families and Churches we can spend our time and energy on:
1. Creating a Better Picture   
2. Joining a Bigger Story 
God is more interested in using broken people than He is in making better pictures. 
It’s not about being the perfect family or church. It’s about inviting ourselves and our children into the story of a perfect God.
There is power in Orange! 
When the Light of the Church and the Love of the Family combine….Amazing things happen!
You can listen my full Orange Day sermon here.
Also, we have partnered with Orange for our resources and curriculum. Please click here to check them out. I relied heavily on Reggie Joiner’s content in my Orange sermon.