Warm Is The New Cool

July 10, 2018 | Catherine Knuckles

When I heard Josh’s sermon on Sunday, Warm is the New Cool, about how a warm church should include young people “like a family,” it made me think of my own experience when I was 24.

I was a new believer in a new city, and to be honest, the whole faith thing could have faded away. I thought I believed, but didn’t exactly know what I believed…Jesus died on the cross for my sins, but how did that give me eternity in Heaven?

I began attending a small Lutheran Church that hosted a contemporary service at 8am each Sunday. They encouraged everyone to join what at that time was termed a “cell group.” At New Charlotte, we call them Community Groups. I found my way to a group led by a couple in their 40s. They were sweet and energetic, and I loved going to their home.

I felt included.

I don’t remember what we studied but I do remember this: The husband began each meeting by singing a few songs—just out of the blue­—a capella and a little off-key. It felt awkward to me but I sang along anyway. I’m not sure they were really full songs, just a chorus or two of “in the name of Jesus, we have the victory” and “thank you Lord for saving my soul.” The songs that seemed so not cool to me at 24 are now the songs I sing to myself when I can’t sleep at night. 

If you haven’t listened to Josh’s sermon, please watch or listen here. Try to remember someone in your journey who gave you what Josh called “a warm embrace” and welcomed you into the community of faith. I hope you’ll think about how you can be part of ensuring that the next generation feels valued and no one has to walk alone.

Catherine Knuckles is Serve Director at New Charlotte and loves to talk about how the church can have an impact in the community. She is married to David, and has 3 grown children, Meredith, Lindsay and David.