What I Learned in Childbirth Class

January 22, 2014 | Chris Payne

It’s been almost 9 years, but I can still remember the night Jen and I spent together in our first childbirth class at the hospital. We were so excited for our first child to arrive. I was only somewhat excited for the prerequisite class.

I can remember noticing a dynamic that formed in our childbirth class that evening at Carolinas Medical Center; most of the guys stopped paying attention about half-way through! As we got further into the details about childbirth; the guys got further into sports scores and daydreaming.

I don’t think the attention problem was a caring or compassion one, all the guys were present and willing. I think this issue was all application. Every guy in there was thinking: This doesn’t really apply to me.

Application is the foundation of Transformation. 
If it’s all about Information, If it’s all about Inspiration, but there’s no Application…nothing will truly change.

Take a look at Matthew 7:24-27. This is how Jesus chooses to end his “Sermon on the Mount.”  In my sermon this week, these truths were evident:

  1. If there is no Application given there will eventually be no Attention given.
  2. We must apply the truth if it’s going to change us.
  3. Don’t just talk and tweet the truth, do something with it!
  4. The best lies we tell are the one’s we tell ourselves. (James 1:22)
  5. The Gospel is the only “Rock” that is solid enough to secure you.
  6. Crisis will always reveal the true foundation of your life.
  7. We love new Information and Inspiration; both are valuable.  Application is the real teacher.
  8. On the “rock” of this simple truth (You are the Christ, the son of the living God) Jesus will build his Church.
  9. Applied truth is a weapon that Hell itself cannot stand against.
  10. Application is the Foundation of Information.

To listen to the full sermon, and the rest of the “How to Grow your Faith” series, go here.