You're Invited

October 08, 2014 | Chris Payne

These 2 words are what every person on the planet needs to hear from the local church.
Jesus is God’s way of saying to every man, woman, and child…You’re Invited.

This past weekend at New Charlotte Church, I preached the final message in our #Connect series.  You can go here to listen to the “Invite” sermon, and the other previous sermons in the series.

Here is a summary of my “You’re Invited” sermon in 10 statements:

1. Read John 1:35-42: You need to be Invited to Jesus and You need to Invite others to Jesus.

2. Invitations connect us.

3. Invited people, Invite people. Found people, Find people.

4. Our job is to Invite; Jesus’ job is to Change.

5. Jesus’ Invitation to you today is connected to His plans for you tomorrow.

6. There are real Obstacles to Inviting others to Jesus: My Fear, I’m Weird, Their No.

7. “If Fear wasn’t an issue, how many more people would know Jesus because of you?”  -Rick Warren

8. We cannot “over-adapt” to culture and we cannot “under-adapt” to culture.

9. Remember your Invitation story, and tell it often to others.

10. Who are 3 people that you need to Invest in and Invite this year to New Charlotte Church?